What is Gluten Free?

Probably the most common question I get asked?

I will be honest, before I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease, I was not aware of what it was, besides “They can’t eat bread.” ha ha typical really.

So, in a nutshell Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains. Wheat being the main and most known one. The others being: Barley, Rye, Gluten –  and for some OATS and large amounts of WHEY. But Whey I know can be an exception. Depending on your IBS.

I would describe gluten as the glue that holds your food together. Which to be honest it basically is. Most reasons bakers are not keen on baking gluten free is not just the cost, it is because there is a slight chance it may not hold together as well as normal gluten food dough would.

Gluten is something your body does not need. Your body does not find it easy to digest and it does not give your body any benefit what so ever. That is why you LOSE WEIGHT when you go gluten free and find it hard to pile on the pounds. You feel lighter because your body can digest everything easily and your are consuming less starch.

So why do we consume gluten? Probably because its handed to us easily and its pretty much in most processed foods/drinks: Bread, Pasta, Sauces, Cooked Meats, Chips, Chocolate Bars, Drinks even Alcohol.

What I learnt is, it’s not actually that hard to eat gluten free. I won’t beat around the bush, EVERYONE IS TOO LAZY! If we as humans can fit, pets into our lives, fit children into our busy lives, why can’t you do this?

It’s easy peasy! All you have to do is cook. I don’t mean oven cook a lasagne you bought, I am talking buying ingredients and making the lasagne that goes in the oven.

You know, I don’t understand why it isn’t bigger and more of a craze? Hollywood celebrities all live a gluten/dairy free lifestyle and these are the people who everyone tries to look and be like.

FAD diets may seem easier because you BUY it and its made for you. Again that is laziness. Like these shakes or juice diets. But you will actually just put on the weight just as fast as you lost it in the first place. Also you will not be getting any goodness from any of it. Being allergic to many things you realise what is in these things, trust me, your consuming a lot of chemicals and nothing is legit about what they tell you. I used to believe everything I got told and funny enough, the people who are selling it to you believe it too!

So why is gluten free worth it?

  • Well for one, we all want to look great don’t we? We all have a vanity side guys and don’t deny it haha!
  • Second of all, it changes your life! You get fuller quicker because there are less salts and sugars in your food too!
    Salts and Sugars tell your tongue you are hungry because they are a strong taste. Your tongue is a more powerful message sender to your brain than your stomach which is trying to tell your brain you are full. So the Salt and Sugar win your brains choices over your real appetite.
  • You feel lighter and have more energy. The body is carrying less starch and excess foods/weight – This is why Athletes/Sportsman/Wimbledon Players mainly go gluten free because they need all the movement and energy they can get for a brilliant performance.
  • Over time with the gluten free diet, you get into a great habit of reading labels and actually realising what are in what food and drinks! Scary to think about now looking back at what I thought was “healthy”
  • IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE! Anything and everything can be expensive, even gluten filled food, so why let it be a reason you can not go gluten free? You can still buy bread, you can still get cereal, rice is gluten free, so it tomato sauce and so is coffee. If you do the research the only tricky thing is EATING OUT. Not at home. Why? Because like I said before, processed convenient quick food is easier and cheaply made with all that starch and gluten filled bloating products!
  • Its speeds up body functions, the body all together works better and immunity builds!
  • You don’t get bloated hardly ever! (Had to write it in)
  • It only consists of quitting out the following: WHEAT, GLUTEN, RYE, BARLEY


From hating a disease to cherishing the lifestyle it brought me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I cannot express the difference you look and feel and it is the way we are actually meant to be eating.

All it is, is eaten naturally.

Fruit! Veg! Carbs! Protien! You can still have it all!

All this time you are unaware. You will never go back to a gluten filled life and will feel amazing every single day! Just as good as these Hollywood stars feel about their bodies too except better because you will know the information too! You will feel energy you never knew you had, you will be glowing, more enthusiastic, putting future health risks at bay and just a better, purer, CLEANER version of the one and only you!

On my Blog there are plenty of recipes to get started! Let’s do this!



Why not?