Fitness has always been a HUGE part of my life.

From childhood to now, its never left my veins. I was in every school sport team, I did athletics as a teenager, dance for even longer than that and I would have to say nothing makes me feel better in the world than dancing. It makes all my worries vanish, makes me feel confident because it is the best thing I am good at and it makes everything exciting! (You could say yes I am hooked to movement – It is my drug)

I want to upload fitness information because there is so much to it.

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor, PT, Zumba Instructor with Sports Nutrition and Nutrition Diplomas.

I have already found by working in one of London’s successful Gyms in Notting Hill, that there are so many common mistakes people don’t realise. So many diet fads that come and go with fitness!
For example one very successful PT wrote a Blog about Herbalife. One of their shakes contains the same amount of Sugars as a TWIX BAR! Now, that’s just one example but I also looked into it and I just think from my experience from having allergies and looking up every single content of what goes into these things.. THE BEST thing to do is EAT FOOD!
Eat foods, fresh food from farms and local food markets! The less the manufactured the better it will be for you.

Fitness needs great supply of fuel and to get the best natural results you should go the natural way. It is like giving your car the purest petrol, you will get a better run out of the vehicle, FACT!

I do not judge people for trying these things out, each to their own and it is what is affordable too. What is most important is that you are getting fit and for the right reasons.

I think if anyone goes to the gym for someone else, because of pressure, or any wrong reason to go, it wont make you feel better.
You will feel a constant struggle, the results will be slower and you wont get that amazing feeling you get when you finish every time!

Exercise is the BEST form of getting your serotonin (happy hormones) high! It makes you feel brand new, de-stresses you, gives you a great source of energy for the day and not only do you feel great, you look great! Who doesn’t want to look great these days? And by all means, SHOW IT OFF! BE proud, it takes determination and I for one have no shame letting anyone know how hard I work to look the way I do.
Maintaining the fitness is just as hard as starting out from time to time, so it is great to look into other fitness regimes to spice it up a little. (Or even download a new album for the headphones – Sigma’s Album is my drive on the treadmill at the moment – HIGHLY recommend)

SO the first thing I would suggest is, find out what suits you and your personality. I personally, for example, have seen AMAZING results to YOGA, however, I do not enjoy it myself. I am an ADRENALINE SEEKER!
Anything fast pace! Kick ass! Getting a massive sweat on and giving it some welly, can be thrown my way any day and everyday! I love it!
Understandably this is not for everyone though, so like I say.. Find out what suits you and where your strengths lie.

The benefits you receive from fitness are endless.

Here on my blog, I will not only keep you up on my experiences in Gyms/Classes/Fitness progress and is trending around the world! For example.. BAR and SURFSET fitness are definitely on the rise, which I shall write up on more in depth within time.

Whether it is a new year or you have a lot of change in your life or generally just want to get into fitness, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER! please comment on anything you may think I should research up on or feel free to ask me anything.

I am an open book and I love new challenges as much as I will inform you all about my findings/facts too!