Exploring Taste Of Encona!

When I was in Turtle Bay in Brixton you are supplied with table sauces. Not the traditional Ketchup and Mayo, but these bad boys!

If you appreciate spice and tongue tingling tastes, these are worth investing on.IMG_5550.JPG

Encona sauces! I have problems with allergies to what sauces I am allowed. I can tell you now everyone that these are ALL lactose, vegan, vegetarian friendly and finally gluten free! Not just that, they taste AMAZING and not similar to other sauces I have had in the past.

My next experience was in Sri Lanka, they had these sauces there!!! Considering I had never come across these sauces before, it was as if they were demanding my attention following my whereabouts. So out there I had the experience of trying HOT PEPPER SAUCE! Yes it was HOT! You needn’t be too generous with that one unless you have a great tolerance that is for sure.

In Brixton market you can get these from prices as cheap as 99p-£2.

On Amazon they come at a price of £5

They also come in squeezy bottle where prices may vary.

If you are a fan of chicken or BBQ’s they will be sure to not disappoint.

For all you coeliacs don’t hesitate to give these a go! As a sauce or as a dip.

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